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As a female programmer and teacher, Tomoko Okochi was looking for a way to make coding class fun and engaging for all students; not just for a handful of boys in a classroom, but for everyone including those who love to draw, those who love to write stories, and most importantly, majority of girls. 
When she met Jason Madar, an incredibly skilled developer and a parent of two girls, C3D came to life.

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Our Story

Jason was in an accident that held him from returning to his teaching role for one year in 2017. During that time, Jason decided to challenge himself with the most difficult task he could think of; developing a cloud-based virtual reality programming platform.
Tomoko was looking for a way to make coding class engaging for every student.
When the two met in 2018, C3D became a reality.

CTO Jason
CEO Tomoko

Actually C3D Java version preceded C3D main app with block-based programming.
Originally, Jason developed Env3D, an IDE with 3D output in 2006. He succeeded making the first-year computer science class very popular with it, but then life got busy.
Fast forward 10 years, during the difficult time mentioned above, he went ahead and migrated the idea to the web using a Java transpiler; the birth of C3D Java version.
Then, his wife said to him “Aren’t you a programmer? Can you make a tool to teach our daughters coding?” .
So, he went even further and made the groundbreaking block-programming version for younger children a reality.


CTO / Computer Science Instructor

Jason Madar

When I started to teach computer science, I noticed right away that the text books are very boring and examples are difficult for students to identify with. Students generally like to have examples that they can identify with that they actually have personal experience with and I also enjoy giving them some room to be creative.

Our Solution

Team is dedicated to help teachers without computer science knowledge deliver coding curriculum easily.

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Our Goal

INSPIRING CHILDREN ON THE CODING PATH provides an innovative teaching tool that is easy to use, fun, and engaging for students by bringing visual code blocks to life. Students can learn coding concepts while creating their own VR world and with one click, explore their creations with a mobile phone and a VR cardboard.


No coding knowledge? No problem! helps educators with on-boarding training, lesson plans that cater to curriculum requirements, class management, learning analytics, formative assessment tools, interactive self-learning tutorials and flexible support.

Meet Team

CEO Tomoko

Tomoko Okochi


Tomoko is an experienced software program manager and educator. She cannot resist Indian food and baby Yoda.

CTO Jason

Jason Madar


Jason is a highly skilled senior developer, leader and educator. He enjoys watching anime with his daughters.

Dev Lead

Jean Nguyen

Lead Developer

Jean is a full-stack developer well-versed in web and mobile development. She cannot live without coffee.


arsh Uppal

Full-Stack Developer

Arsh is in charge of Java version. He would always choose a book over a movie. His favorite author is Dr. Carl Sagan.


Kate Zhao

UX/UI Designer

Kate is a UX UI designer who aspires to create engaging experiences for all kinds of users. She enjoys good food and music!


Nazanin Ahmadi

Full-Stack Developer

Nazanin is a full-stack developer in charge of C3D website. She enjoys looking at stars and find the URSA major and minor.


Sharon Olorunniwo

Digital Marketing Strategist

Sharon is a rising Senior Computer Science student with a passion for technology, business and design. She is a life-long Chelsea F.C supporter – Go The Blues!


Sunny Xue

Full-Stack Developer

Sunny is a creative full-stack web developer. He enjoys playing video games in his free time.


Chloe Lam

Student Intern

Chloe is an aspiring computer engineer who is about to enter grade 12. As a penguin lover, the default character of C3D (which is a penguin) makes her enjoy C3D even more!



C3D Student Ambassador

Leila is an artistic C3D advocate currently in grade 9. She loves reading, writing, singing and making art. Teacher Ambassadors

Kahlil Ashanti

Kahlil Ashanti


Kahlil is an actor, web developer and founder of Check out his instructional videos here. Learn more about Kahlil at

crofton house teacher

Jacob Tran

AP CS Teacher

Jacob has been using in grade 10 to 12 CS classrooms since its beta version. Every summer he hatches baby quail birds and raise them with his daughters.

Kelly Nichols

Kelly Nichols

School Teacher

Kelly uses in grade 8 and 9 classrooms. She has lived and taught in China, UK, and Canada and has visited 28 countries and counting.

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