C3D.io Case Studies

Grade 6 / 7

In February 2019, grade 6/7 students in three classrooms in a school in Gleneagles Ch’axay Elementary School were introduced to coding concepts such as variables in 3-week course. The target learning outcome was for students to showcase their learning in science inquiry theme in VR animation using their imagination and artistic creativity while also learning computational thinking and problem solving skills. The engagement level in the classroom was very high. Teachers were very happy to see increased learning outcomes compared to existing coding platforms and achieved learning outcomes. Some students imported their own 3D models into C3D.io VR world. 


Students self-learned following step by step lesson modules

elementary school coding lesson
facilitating coding lesson

Teacher as a facilitator

Teacher facilitated student learning by guiding them to follow the tutorial.

student helper in coding lesson

Sharing Tools

Students shared VR cardboards and phones to experience their creation. Some students volunteered to help their classmates.

west vancouver school teacher for coding

Aron Campbell, Principal

The integration of the C3D.io into our program here at Gleneagles Ch'axay was a natural direction after having learning the basics of coding. The platform's dynamic ability to integrate coding and external 3D design applications allowed students to do some extraordinary things; all with a cloud based laptop and natural curiosity.

See what students have created

Kids learning to code with fun VR


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