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C3D.io is a website where you can learn to code while creating your own VR world. It’s an innovative and engaging way to learn coding. You’ll understand fundamental concept of coding before you know it.

With our interactive lessons, students can self-learn fundamental concept of coding while creating their own VR world. Teachers or parents don’t need computer science knowledge to teach coding! 
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No, you don’t.
C3D.io has a full-screen view that can substitute VR experience with goggles.

That said, VR cardboard headset is not expensive at all. You can find it starting from around $4 at some dollar stores.
If you are using it in classroom setting, we recommend you get sturdy model made with plastic instead of paper.
Before purchasing, check your phone’s dimension to see if it will fit in the headset.

C3D.io can be used by anyone who wants to learn coding. The aim behind C3D.io is to make introduction to computer programming a fun and engaging experience.

Our tutorial modules are geared toward students in grade 4 and above. After you get familar with coding blocks, you can also dive into the world of text-based programming with C3D.io Java version.remote education for K-12 coding

To use C3D.io, you need a computer with a web browser, which you are using right now to look at this page! So you are already set to start your coding journey with C3D.io!

To see the result of your code in 360 VR, you can either use our full-screen mode on computer OR a smartphone with a web browser (we recommend using Google Chrome) and a VR cardboard. VR cardboard is optional. If you want one, you can be purchased at your local stores or online. Remember, phone and VR cardboard can be shared with others in a classroom setting when using C3D.io.
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Definitely! With classroom option, you can sign up as a classroom and create profile for students without using their identifiable information. You will also have access to progress chart, lesson plans, handouts and teachers on-boarding materials.

Contact us at info@c3d.io to learn more about the classroom option.

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C3D.io works on most computers with a web browser. It even works on Chromebooks. That said, just like any other VR app, your computer needs to render three dimensional objects all the time. We recommend following system for better experience.

OS: Windows 8, 10, 64-bit versions only; Mac OS X 10.13+. CPU: Intel Core i7 or i5, 5th generation or later

Although we have not heard many complaints from our users about speed so far, remember you are using network to download and upload 3D models. Your network speed may affect loading of your VR world if you have multiple large 3D objects.

If you plan to create a really complex VR world with many 3D objects and animations, we recommend that you get a computer with a processor and a graphic card with the latest and strong capability.
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The main C3D.io platform is for K-12 schools that have classes to introduce coding concepts to students and also for individual learners who are either beginners or intermediate coders. It has block programming interface many children are already familiar with. It makes learning to code very fun and engaging. Children who are introduced coding with C3D.io have less chance of losing interests in coding.

On the contrary, C3D.io Java version is mainly used by Advanced Placement Computer Science (APCS) students at high school and introductory level computer science students at post-secondary institutions. This is a tool has transformed Java class by making it very engaging. CS teachers have loved this platform for over a decade.