A door to a bright future for your child

For future-thinking parents who want to help their children find passion in coding


C3D.io's lesson modules are interactive with video and code check, which guide your child step by step in their coding process.


Children today are used to virtual reality and 3D animation. Being able to create their own VR game motivates kids and they stay engaged in coding.


C3D.io has a preview window that renders instantly with any change in code. Children can easily learn with try and error with real-time response on the preview window.


how to use c3d.io

Drag and drop the block code onto the work space

VR coding platform

Scan the QR code with your phone

kids at home learn coding

Explore your VR world with a cardboard headset!

* Use of phone and cardboard headsets is optional. C3D.io has a full-screen mode for you to enjoy your VR world on a computer screen.

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