Trial lesson Summer Camp

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Try VR coding with C3D with an experienced instructor for one hour.

Class Time: 
Mondays – 10 am PDT / 1pm EDT
Thursdays – 10:30am EDT
Wednesdays – 9am PDT / 12pm EDT

Class Detail:

This is a one-hour trial VR coding lesson with C3D.
This class is suitable for those who wants to give it a try to VR coding and see if you want to continue learning in a week-long summer camp with C3D, the world’s first browser-based virtual reality programming platform.

Note: your child will need a computer connected to fast internet with Google Chrome browser and basic skills to use a mouse or a track pad.

Please be ready to assist the child at the beginning of the class to open Google Chrome and type in the URL.

Your child’s first VR world can be shared as a web page. It’s so easy to show your VR creation to your family and friends with C3D.