Teach Coding like an Art lesson

Empowering educators teaching coding for the first time

When students are allowed to be creative, such as making VR content they identify with, they absorb coding concepts along the way.

Engaging Curriculum, Stress-free Coding Education

teaching VR coding at school


No coding knowledge? No problem! C3D.io comes with self-learning lessons students can follow through. Our teacher dashboard comes with teacher on-boarding materials, lesson plans, handouts and lesson videos.

coding teaching manual lesson plan

Teacher as Facilitator

The teacher is a facilitator for students learning. With engagement C3D.io brings, you can focus on giving guidance, and tracking progress. You can also give and track assignment from the teacher dashboard. 

coding lesson in middle school

Premium Privacy Protection

We care about students privacy. With C3D.io school account, you can sign up as a classroom and create profile for students without using their identifiable information.

C3D.io School License

Self-learning module progress chart teaching VR coding at school Teacher Resources how to teach coding video Lesson Plans coding lesson plans Assignments monitoring coding assignment remotely Classroom-based sign in – protecting students privacy giving assignment remotely Student Portal – The video shows how a new assignment appears on the portal for students
Kids learning to code with fun VR


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